Woman’s Day Ice-Cream Competition

There are brands and there are brands. Some evoke natural kinship and others couldn’t offer enough to buy an iota of affection. If you’ve been watching my social media feeds, you would’ve noticed my appreciation for Unframed Ice-Cream.

Unframed is committed to locally sourced ingredients and have a sincere interest in pushing the boundaries of flavour combinations, texture of both dairy and vegan options, as well as being innovative within in a category of food, that much like baking bread or making beer or making any artisanal product, the process is simplistic in nature. The subtleties of the ratio of sugar-to-dairy (or dairy substitute)-to-egg-yolks -to-freezing-temperature and of course, the flavour, doesn’t give ice-cream too much of room to hide with fancy foot work.

Long story short, I’ll be running a competition to win a R300.00 voucher to gorge on some well-crafted roomys to celebrate Woman’s Day tomorrow – 9 August 2017.


  1. you’ve gotta be a woman
  2. tag your ride-or-die aka. BFF
  3. there will be 1 winner, chosen randomly
  4. This winner needs to live in Cape Town (sorry world!)
  5. Like the @LifeUnframed Instagram page

Thanks @Verushka_n for being my ice-cream shmodel. X

PS: I can highly recommend the sea-salt chocolate, turmeric latte and vegan salted caramel.