Unframed Ice-Cream

At my final supper, if life only gave me two options, I would choose cheese over chocolate. Even within the dessert realm there are more savoury options like my old faithful, sea-salt caramel or cheesecake. I once made beer flavour ice-cream with pumpkin seed brittle which was a treat. As was the gorgonzola ice-cream I was once served with a poached pear, nuts and honey.

My most recent trip to Unframed Ice-Cream revealed yet another flavour that I probably would not have attempted, mostly because it has a cultural familiarity. Turmeric is the “new” wonder ingredient that anyone with Asian heritage would’ve grown up with. It’s a root (part of the ginger family) that is dried and turned into a staining yellow powder with health benefits galore. Used as an antiseptic, an anti-inflammatory and a dye for feasting cuticles and white shirts, Turmeric is the not-so new kid on the block.

Turmeric goes by many names:

Tami: Manjal

French: Souchet des Indes

Romanian: Curcumǎ

And and and…

In my experience, Turmeric is used in the marriage preparation process. It is mixed with water and turned into a paste to cover the bride and groom the night before the wedding to cleanse them for what is to come.

Turmeric Ice-Cream

This was vegan Turmeric latte ice-cream had that thick, slightly grainy texture of that very paste. It brought back memories of cold flower petals, the smell of the sandal wood chest my mother keeps her saree’s in, rangoli and sorgi, severed in the same plate that the dhal and biriyani had been eaten in. It took me back to watching my grandmother and mother get dressed for a wedding and putting on every piece of jewellery that appeared out of drawers I would never find. Maybe turmeric has more healing qualities than wiki says…