Before The Flood

Perhaps, like I was, you are a little late on hearing about Before The Flood. It’s the documentary that Leonardo DiCaprio shot with National Geographic that talks about the realities of Climate Change.

Instead of butchering (pun very much intended) the documentary, set aside an hour and watch it yourself.

From a food perspective, this documentary puts the Methane-Carbon-Dioxide-beef-farming dialogue into perspective. I eat beef once a month, at most, but I have never thought that I would consider a life without any beef product. That goes far beyond a dry aged Rump but includes milk in tea and decaffeinated coffee, cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, cream, butter – pretty much everything I am allergic to but have an unnatural love and appreciation for.

I grew up in a vaguely Hindu household (dressing in Indian attire on holidays but mostly over catering) so beef is a product that I have grown into. I am partial to a consciously reared, marbled porterhouse flamed and rested; and I have been known to add beef broth to anything that will accept its wiles. I have also been known to prize cheese over pretty much anything on the planet, even though I have been tested as ‘cows milk intolerant’.

Which leads me down the rabbit hole of ‘how I can change my diet without coming off as a weakling (who succumbs to the coy shrug of a wedge of Brie or the supple lilt of a slice of biltong) or simply a trendy hypocrite who wants to believe Leo”. Still not sure which is worse.

Truth be told, I never draw up a meal plan. I know it’s the right thing to do (TV licence voice) but it takes the whimsy out of the Mystery Box Challenge that all of us face on the regular. My methodology is usually to stock up on fresh fruit, veg and meat once a week and see how the chips fall.

Instead of a living a diarised dinner schedule that will dash my food dreams, I have identified the substitutions:

  • goats milk cheese and yogurt
  • coconut milk and cream
  • chicken broth
  • vegan ice-cream
  • almond milk (or no milk. I loathe lactating grains)

This list has raised the point about butter. There is nothing quite like a slather of butter on fresh sourdough. If you have any suggestions for butter-on-bread substitutes, I’d appreciate your advice.