The perks of being a blogger

In the words of @whatmybfwore, “returning home to find a package waiting on your doorstep is definitely one of the perks” of blogging. It’s true, getting home to find a surprise is always welcome. Especially when it’s stuff you already enjoy.

One of the packages was one from Kielh’s is a so-good-you-could-almost-eat-it range of products for face, hair and body bits. I remember buying a tube of their cranberry lip balm when I was in Berlin shooting Girl Eat World. In the last scene of the day we had shot what is left of the Berlin Wall. I had eaten my body weight in pretzels, curry wurst, donner kebabs, emmental and bacon spätzle, bread, and and and. It had been a long day and I recall making my way toward the lights of a mall. It had a strangely replenishing feel after 6 weeks of running through the timezones. No, not everything about making TV is puppies and rainbows.

But I digress…I have a love for luxurious skin. There was a time when I would have a bottle of olive oil in the bathroom so that I could lather up before bed. (note: coconut oil is good too, and smells amazing, but it attracts mosquitos).

I will be trying out a few body care products over the next little while in an unsponsored review. I repeat, this is not sponsored. 

Kielh's SA