Freedom Of Movement

I am obsessed with local fashion – South African fashion. I love clothing that is designed and made by MY people. That fact makes each garment feel special to wear AND I get to support a local industry that I believe in as much as food. FreedomOfMovement is one of my treasured SA fashion brands and our relationship goes back…way back.

The Story

Before I left to shoot my food-travel TV show, Girl Eat World, I waltzed into a store and gazed at their wall of locally produced backpacks. I knew that I wanted to show the rest of the world the quality of ‘the South African made’. My eyes landed on a canvas and leather backpack (the meet cute) that joined me on my travels through 10 countries and was featured throughout the show and on all the advertising material.

Girl Eat World Kamini Pather

And then…

I got back from my travels, met with the team and have lived with an array of their handbags, backpacks, duffel bags and watches – all made with as much locally sourced raw leather as possible.

The latest project from Freedom Of Movement is a range of sunnies. My issue with sunglasses is that I have a pea-sized head so most frames look over-sized – like they’re planning a coup on my face. Somehow, the whole range fits and looks ah-maze! They’re also made of this matte acetate material that my opticals are made out of, which gives them a really smooth, easy-to-wear-ness.

I have been looking at the FOMBrand social media pages for as long as I can remember. The imagery made me feel something – much like the way leather does with its tactile deliciousness. I hope it gives you the feels too, that typically Freedom-Of-Movement-feels – effortless. Real. So.fokken.mooi. 

Thanks for the car @Mini_cpt 



IS Clinical Competition

Skincare has always been top of mind in my family. My mum has sensitive skin, which means that she wears sunblock everyday and so do I – even in winter, at the office. I remember a time when SPF wasn’t made for brown skin and I’d come out of the swimming pool with a white, opaque sheen. Thankfully those days have changed.

My attempt to demystify the acronym, SPF

SPF, means Sun Protection Factor. It’s an indicator of how effectively the sunscreen will protect your skin from the radiation of the sun through ultraviolet rays. My understanding of how skin cancer is caused is that the radiation from the sun changes the DNA in the skin. An SPF 30 sunscreen will give you 97% protection from UVB rays.

I don’t quite understand all the percentages but a simple rule of thumb is that you should apply ½tsp of sunscreen to your face. Apply the same ratio to the rest of your body. Having said that, it also depends on the type of skin you have – fair, olive, dark. Each type of skin burns at a different rate and intensity.

I have medium roast skin, which means that I don’t  burn but I’ve also never needed to bask in the sun to get any colour. I have burnt once though, at the water park in Durban. It was an overcast day so I didn’t feel my skin burning until I got home and was radiating heat, so much so that I peeled. I never want to experience that again. The pain was real.

Sunscreen has evolved since those days, thankfully. The new ones are light, wearable and effective like the one that I use, IS Clinical’s Eclipse SPF 50.

With summer in the Southern Hemisphere almost in full tilt, I thought I would host a competition for a tube of IS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50 to someone who lives in South Africa. All you have to do is

  1. follow me @KaminiPather and @ISclinicalSA on Instagram
  2. tag 2 of your friends ONLY (any more tags won’t be counted)
  3. leave me a comment about what you will be doing over the festive season and where you will be using the IS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50 sunscreen.

The winner will be chose at random and announced on Friday, 24 November.


Dion Wired #ShareTheJoy

Dion Wired #ShareTheJoy

40 days until Christmas – where has 2017 disappeared to?! Let’s hope that you were a mixture of sugar, spice and unicorn poop cupcakes so that Santa Claws knows where to #ShareTheJoy.

My pseudo- Hindu family has never celebrated Christmas. It has always been a series of over catered lunches (I use the word catered liberally because my mum, gran and I are the ones who cook). We’ve never had a Christmas tree and we never exchange gifts – no, I’m not sad about it. In my house, Christmas has always been about boardgames with the grandparents, chats-about-boys with my cousins and green-pancake-making while the grown ups were involved in things we had little interest in.

This year I am part of a collaboration with @DionWired so I got to spend some time in one of their stores. I spent the afternoon perusing some of the new technology available and making a wish list that I think I deserve whether it turns out that I was naughty or nice.

My #ShareTheJoy Wishlist

  • 90CM gas stove – the feeling of cooking on gas is like no other! Instant heat and that sexy ticking noise – swoon!
  • whistling kettle – to make countless cups of tea on the gas stove
  • Galaxy Note 8 – the stylus is a nifty gadget, even if your hand writing is shocking (like mine is)
  • Nutribullet – this powerful little smoothie maker has a host of features – making hummus, soup, nut butter and it will fit in my kitchen. Winning!
  • iPhone 8 plus – the image quality is amazing! The portrait feature would shoot food pics with so well!
  • Mavic Pro – drone shots are exquisite. This particular drone also has a ‘Follow Me’ feature which I would love to play with during my runs and mountain walks

Over the next few weeks I will sharing some of the joyful tech specials with you from Dion Wired. I will also be running a competition in which you could win an item off your wish list. So let me know in the comments section – what is on your @DionWired Christmas wish list?

Sunday Edition #2

I am one of those humans that does not remember which artist sings which song. I hear the track and, even though I may woo-my-head-off about it, I will still never quite recall the name of the person behind the sound. Unless I watch the artist live.

Maybe I’m not part of the right “scene” or maybe it’s that in my mature state I don’t enjoy crowds but I don’t watch enough live music. In the same breath, I don’t want to go to a sweaty club and party with the tweens. I don’t want to wait for the headlining band because I’d like to be functional the next day – I think the people at Sunday Edition heard some, if not all, of my I-don’ts.

Last month I randomly got a surprise in my inbox (which is usually a minefield) – tickets to the Sunday Edition featuring Zaki Ibrahim, The City, Card On Spokes (band names that I know I am not cool enough to be familiar with). As the nerd that I am, I proceeded to download music of all of the bands because it’s pointless to go to a concert if you don’t know the music. Yes, I did my homework before I arrived.

What I found when I got to the event was that I should’ve gone earlier and listened to the other bands before Zaki, the headliner. I should’ve told my friend to dress in her jeans and sneakers. I should’ve orders craft beer instead of bubbly. In spite of all of those regrets, the music was ah-maze and the snacks. Well, I always have time for a snack but I should’ve really committed because there was food galore. Vegan burgers, falafel’s, wood-fired pizza and donuts that will make your toes furl. And the crowd – well, to be frank – all the wok people in Cape Town were at the event. Artisans, designers and creators of craft beer/hair styles/illustrations and more were all strewn around The Biscuit Mill. THERE WAS SPACE TO BREATH in all the good vibes.

The second coming of the Sunday Edition is on the 12th of Nov. I’ll do the right and so should you.





The City


My Skincare Regime

Good skin is part genetic and part skincare. My grandmother has enviable skin and while I am thankful for her genes, I know that stress and lifestyle are responsible for an ageing face. Yes, I run and eat my greens but there is an ample amount of tequila in my diet – something that my grandmother never had.

After my Instagram post using my new Canon M6 and its selfie mode, a few people asked about my skincare regime. I like to keep my life simple – cleanse, eye cream, serum and moisturiser. And sunblock, every, single day – even if its cloudy.

I started using IS Clinical 2 years ago and I have not looked back. It’s a plant-based cosmeceutical made in the USA. A cosmeceutical is a cosmetic product that has a medicinal effect. It’s a topically applied formula that contains active ingredients that treat a certain skin condition. I love that the Fire and Ice treatment leaves me smelling like cinnamon bark and blood orange oil with an anti-ageing copper mist to finish. Yes, all good things come back to food…




Before The Flood

Perhaps, like I was, you are a little late on hearing about Before The Flood. It’s the documentary that Leonardo DiCaprio shot with National Geographic that talks about the realities of Climate Change.

Instead of butchering (pun very much intended) the documentary, set aside an hour and watch it yourself.

From a food perspective, this documentary puts the Methane-Carbon-Dioxide-beef-farming dialogue into perspective. I eat beef once a month, at most, but I have never thought that I would consider a life without any beef product. That goes far beyond a dry aged Rump but includes milk in tea and decaffeinated coffee, cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, cream, butter – pretty much everything I am allergic to but have an unnatural love and appreciation for.

I grew up in a vaguely Hindu household (dressing in Indian attire on holidays but mostly over catering) so beef is a product that I have grown into. I am partial to a consciously reared, marbled porterhouse flamed and rested; and I have been known to add beef broth to anything that will accept its wiles. I have also been known to prize cheese over pretty much anything on the planet, even though I have been tested as ‘cows milk intolerant’.

Which leads me down the rabbit hole of ‘how I can change my diet without coming off as a weakling (who succumbs to the coy shrug of a wedge of Brie or the supple lilt of a slice of biltong) or simply a trendy hypocrite who wants to believe Leo”. Still not sure which is worse.

Truth be told, I never draw up a meal plan. I know it’s the right thing to do (TV licence voice) but it takes the whimsy out of the Mystery Box Challenge that all of us face on the regular. My methodology is usually to stock up on fresh fruit, veg and meat once a week and see how the chips fall.

Instead of a living a diarised dinner schedule that will dash my food dreams, I have identified the substitutions:

  • goats milk cheese and yogurt
  • coconut milk and cream
  • chicken broth
  • vegan ice-cream
  • almond milk (or no milk. I loathe lactating grains)

This list has raised the point about butter. There is nothing quite like a slather of butter on fresh sourdough. If you have any suggestions for butter-on-bread substitutes, I’d appreciate your advice.



My 1st Business Cards

I have never had business cards before. There was a moment when I was a contributor to Aficionado (raise your hand if you remember that blog). Until now…

I went to advertising college, Red and Yellow, and even though I studied copywriting, there was a huge part of me that wished that I could draw. Art Direction, with their regular trips to stores to get ‘art supplies’ or the ability to draw on white Converse High Tops made it feel “more creative”. If that’s even a thing. Bottom line is that there is a part of me that wanted to design my own business cards. I wanted to feel as though I was part of the process.

After some research, I decided to use to “design” (it was more about laying the logo and my details out – no Rocket Science or magic beans) and order by cards from the UK. The interface on the website is really easy to navigate. And even though there was an issue with the delivery, the Moo Crew are real G’s and sorted the issue out on Twitter DM’s. That deserves praise, IMHO.

So, here’s to making deals and looking pro-fesh AF. I am ready to adult. (after this blog post, obvs)

Today also marks the fresh look to my website. I wanted something a bit more blog-friendly and simple. Let me know what you think.

10 Steps To Running Better

Image by @GreatGramPops
Image by @GreatGramPops

Yesterday marked 8 weeks until the Two Oceans Marathon. My aim is to run 21km’s (a half marathon) in under 2 hours. That’s under 6 minutes per km and I am not even close to ready. [excuses]

Whether you’re the rabbit or the tortoise, there are a few things to remember:

  1. Greet runners who pass you by. An iPod is not an excuse for being rude. I’m not saying stop, drop and ready yourself for a sweaty hug. A raised brow with a grunt is all I’m asking for.

Podcasts that I love:

Bon Apetit: Get your pasta right, every time – get the recipe here.

Timothy Maurice, Unbranded on Cliff Central: Optimal brain tips

KitchenAid2. When running with your BFF, run in single file – no one needs to be faced with drive time traffic.

3. If you’re one of those lucky people who has a dog, you would’ve noticed that Fido does not have opposable thumbs. It is your duty. DO THE RIGHT THING.

4. Measure your run. That’s the only way to push yourself further. I have used watches but you can also use free apps like Nike+ Running app or Strava.

5. Wear a cap. Even if you don’t live in Africa you’re clocking up the time spent in the sun. Skin damage is not part of the deal. I use IS Clinical SPF 50 for my face and Nivea SPF 30 for my body.


6. Get the right shoes. Most sports stores will now be able to tell you if you need extra arch support (the level of pronation). If you’re running more than 5km you will need to buy a shoe size bigger than your foot size (YOU WILL LOSE TOENAILS). I found the Nike flyknit to be the superior choice here, irrespective of the type of sneaker. It’s soft against the front of the put that is leading your body through the km’s. I lost toenails during the Sanlam CT Marathon. It was harrowing.

7. My coach at Tri4All said one thing about my first marathon – do not wear anything new. By the time race day is upon you, you need to have a favourite pair of running underwear, socks, water bottle, energy supplement and and and. NOTHING NEW!

8. That first beer after you cross the finish line is going to feel like heavens nectar. Be sure to eat as well. We won’t talk about my mistake with this one but do as I say and not as I do. You’ll thank me.

9. Make an appointment with you physio or chiropractor for a full body flush the morning after your race. I ran 42.2km on the Sunday and saw my chiro on the Monday morning before boarding a plane to France on Monday night. I was a little tender (as expected) but had full mobility and was completely comfortable because my muscles weren’t bursting with lactic acid and my body had been realigned. Yes, we all train hard but the race is the war and systems are always firing at full throttle. You’ll save yourself some recovery time. Sounds 100% worth it to me.

10. Rest after your race. Ideally you should rest for 1 day for every mile that you run. The marathon was 26miles so 26 days rest. It’s a bit much because by this stage, training is your life. But maybe switch things up and start swimming or cycling or taking long walks on the beach.

Now onward to race day!

PS: check with your doctor before starting any training regime.

Stuck in the MUD Makeup

I’m not sure about you, but I was one of those girls who ran around life using the wrong colour foundation. I didn’t know anything about makeup and waltzed into a pharmacy with a 12 year old girlfriend and we bought whatever we thought looked right. And it didn’t. And few people told me. I look back on those images and my ghostly and or overly tanned face with cringes that I’ve become more attuned at hiding.

In my defence, my mum only ever wore lipstick – that’s it. At some stage she bought a chubby cheek pencil and used it as lipstick because she didn’t know any better. My mum also only ever owned one pair of high heels that she never wore. She’s still a hippie, with pieces of leather, jangly things and beaded what-what’s so makeup was entirely new territory to me when my skin standard to get splotchy. Preamble done.

On the day of the L’Ormorins Queens Plate this year I walked passed the MUD Designer at the Cape Quarter. I’d never seen the store before but it had everything (including a directors chair and stage makeup lighting *squeal*). I had my makeup done for the day there and was really happy with the products and the wearability for a day at the races. Further than that, they understood my makeup ethos – less is more. That’s rare because most suppliers want to showcase their product even when it looks ridiculous. I have been the show monkey (no, not pony) a few times.

MUD Kamini Pather

MUD is made in the USA and the product is extremely comfortable to wear and apply even for makeup simpletons like me.  And as Adam&Eve’s designer, Faatimah and I discovered, they have a vast array of colour matches for us mid-tone Indian women – this almost never happens.

I left the store with just 4 products that I use daily for a natural glow – 100% my vibe. A lipstick in Havana, a pot of their incredible highlighter (a MUST for that I-woke-up-like-this look), a cream foundation compact and this exquisite blush in pumpkin. I now leave the house with a mere 5 products on my face (including mascara), which fits in with my chosen aesthetic – effortless – but also my post-tom-boy get-up-n-go.

MUD makeup