Valentine’s Day Chicken Hearts

Valentines Day has never been a favourite of mine. I mean, I love the Lochness Monster, the Tooth Fairy and Donald Trumps hair as much as the next guy but this Valentines-malarky can really go shove it. This whole saga got me thinking about a Valentines Day recipe that would appeal to my sense of humour (at the very least), instead of over priced roses … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Chicken Hearts

Chinese New Year

I’ve been wanting to re-vive my blog for a while and with Chinese New Year, today feels right – I’m ready to usher in the abundance, luck and prosperity held within a mandarin. Would a tangerine/mandarin/satsuma/naartjie smell as sweet? These palm-sized orbs, all with soft peeling skin and sweet, tart flesh seem like very similar creatures…because they are. All circus fruits are derived from three … Continue reading Chinese New Year