Sunday Edition #2

I am one of those humans that does not remember which artist sings which song. I hear the track and, even though I may woo-my-head-off about it, I will still never quite recall the name of the person behind the sound. Unless I watch the artist live.

Maybe I’m not part of the right “scene” or maybe it’s that in my mature state I don’t enjoy crowds but I don’t watch enough live music. In the same breath, I don’t want to go to a sweaty club and party with the tweens. I don’t want to wait for the headlining band because I’d like to be functional the next day – I think the people at Sunday Edition heard some, if not all, of my I-don’ts.

Last month I randomly got a surprise in my inbox (which is usually a minefield) – tickets to the Sunday Edition featuring Zaki Ibrahim, The City, Card On Spokes (band names that I know I am not cool enough to be familiar with). As the nerd that I am, I proceeded to download music of all of the bands because it’s pointless to go to a concert if you don’t know the music. Yes, I did my homework before I arrived.

What I found when I got to the event was that I should’ve gone earlier and listened to the other bands before Zaki, the headliner. I should’ve told my friend to dress in her jeans and sneakers. I should’ve orders craft beer instead of bubbly. In spite of all of those regrets, the music was ah-maze and the snacks. Well, I always have time for a snack but I should’ve really committed because there was food galore. Vegan burgers, falafel’s, wood-fired pizza and donuts that will make your toes furl. And the crowd – well, to be frank – all the wok people in Cape Town were at the event. Artisans, designers and creators of craft beer/hair styles/illustrations and more were all strewn around The Biscuit Mill. THERE WAS SPACE TO BREATH in all the good vibes.

The second coming of the Sunday Edition is on the 12th of Nov. I’ll do the right and so should you.





The City


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