Roast & Co

As the saying goes ‘winner winner, chicken dinner’ and yes, at Roast & Co, one does feel like the jackpot is close by.

Roast chicken is one of those dishes that is seemingly easy to make. But the thing about a roast chicken is that it’s a simplistic dish and if there are errors (dry chicken, limp skin, under seasoning, claggy gravy, starchy potatoes, overcooked veggies etc) the meal lacks the will to live (or perhaps that’s the diners who are judging the cook for messing up a family favourite).

With a meal as simplistic as this, there is nowhere to hide – there are no fancy frills. It’s the best quality chicken accompanied by a subtly technical cooking method that allows a diner to feel entirely satisfied with an unfussed roast bird. And because we try to eat local, these chickens are sourced in Elgin in the Western Cape so we’re happy. No?

One can order a ΒΌ, Β½ or full chicken with an abundance of sides from the Caesar Salad croquettes that I can’t speak more highly of, with their pipettes of anchovy-rich dressing to administer at will. Or the Elgin Farmhouse chicken liver pate with duck fat and shortbread crumble – artery-clogging goodness. Each bite is succulent and positioned in the dabbled courtyard the Heritage Square and paired with a bevy of local and internationally produced beer and wine.

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