How To Make Apple Crisps in an LG NeoChef

The microwaves from my youth are a far cry to what they are now. These days they have grilling, baking, defrosting, investor cooking (cooks a frozen bird from the inside), de-hradting and slow coking. The LG NeoChef is a powerful little thing.

Take a look at this video. It’s of a potter who bakes a set of crockery in the NeoChef. I thought it was impressive.

After I marvelled, I got a chance to use this machine and remained in that state of wonderment. It proofs bread dough before baking it to a crisp, makes yogurt, slow cook with a timer on and de-hydrates anything the heart desires – it’s so very different to the box that I once melted cheese in or (to the horror of my grandmother) placed a gold rimmed tea cup into and watched the lightening effect, when I was a young warthog.

This video is about making a healthy afternoon snack of apple crisps with blue cheese. I always get to 14:00 and realise that I don’t have anything sweet in the house, which make me rummage for something truly unhealthy. You’ll see that by usage the Slow Cook function, I was able to attain a crisp result in a much shorter amount of time.

Not to sound like a infomercial but the features I enjoy are the soft touch buttons – no need to break the back. The instructions are simple and the the cooking time is usually halved. I am not wild about the jingle that it plays at the end of the process. All LG products serenade in polyphonic – not my thing.

Anyway, here is the video that was shot by @Zachariha_Schrueder and edited by me. I’m quite chuffed by the end product but let me know what you think.




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