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Skincare has always been top of mind in my family. My mum has sensitive skin, which means that she wears sunblock everyday and so do I – even in winter, at the office. I remember a time when SPF wasn’t made for brown skin and I’d come out of the swimming pool with a white, opaque sheen. Thankfully those days have changed.

My attempt to demystify the acronym, SPF

SPF, means Sun Protection Factor. It’s an indicator of how effectively the sunscreen will protect your skin from the radiation of the sun through ultraviolet rays. My understanding of how skin cancer is caused is that the radiation from the sun changes the DNA in the skin. An SPF 30 sunscreen will give you 97% protection from UVB rays.

I don’t quite understand all the percentages but a simple rule of thumb is that you should apply ½tsp of sunscreen to your face. Apply the same ratio to the rest of your body. Having said that, it also depends on the type of skin you have – fair, olive, dark. Each type of skin burns at a different rate and intensity.

I have medium roast skin, which means that I don’t  burn but I’ve also never needed to bask in the sun to get any colour. I have burnt once though, at the water park in Durban. It was an overcast day so I didn’t feel my skin burning until I got home and was radiating heat, so much so that I peeled. I never want to experience that again. The pain was real.

Sunscreen has evolved since those days, thankfully. The new ones are light, wearable and effective like the one that I use, IS Clinical’s Eclipse SPF 50.

With summer in the Southern Hemisphere almost in full tilt, I thought I would host a competition for a tube of IS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50 to someone who lives in South Africa. All you have to do is

  1. follow me @KaminiPather and @ISclinicalSA on Instagram
  2. tag 2 of your friends ONLY (any more tags won’t be counted)
  3. leave me a comment about what you will be doing over the festive season and where you will be using the IS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50 sunscreen.

The winner will be chose at random and announced on Friday, 24 November.


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