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40 days until Christmas – where has 2017 disappeared to?! Let’s hope that you were a mixture of sugar, spice and unicorn poop cupcakes so that Santa Claws knows where to #ShareTheJoy.

My pseudo- Hindu family has never celebrated Christmas. It has always been a series of over catered lunches (I use the word catered liberally because my mum, gran and I are the ones who cook). We’ve never had a Christmas tree and we never exchange gifts – no, I’m not sad about it. In my house, Christmas has always been about boardgames with the grandparents, chats-about-boys with my cousins and green-pancake-making while the grown ups were involved in things we had little interest in.

This year I am part of a collaboration with @DionWired so I got to spend some time in one of their stores. I spent the afternoon perusing some of the new technology available and making a wish list that I think I deserve whether it turns out that I was naughty or nice.

My #ShareTheJoy Wishlist

  • 90CM gas stove – the feeling of cooking on gas is like no other! Instant heat and that sexy ticking noise – swoon!
  • whistling kettle – to make countless cups of tea on the gas stove
  • Galaxy Note 8 – the stylus is a nifty gadget, even if your hand writing is shocking (like mine is)
  • Nutribullet – this powerful little smoothie maker has a host of features – making hummus, soup, nut butter and it will fit in my kitchen. Winning!
  • iPhone 8 plus – the image quality is amazing! The portrait feature would shoot food pics with so well!
  • Mavic Pro – drone shots are exquisite. This particular drone also has a ‘Follow Me’ feature which I would love to play with during my runs and mountain walks

Over the next few weeks I will sharing some of the joyful tech specials with you from Dion Wired. I will also be running a competition in which you could win an item off your wish list. So let me know in the comments section – what is on your @DionWired Christmas wish list?

11 Replies to “Dion Wired #ShareTheJoy”

  1. Hi Kamini like Harmony 🤗🤗
    My wishlist goes like this… as i am obsessed with nifty kitchen stuff…. #SHARETHEJOY

    3. SMEG 90CM 4burner GAS/ELEC COOKER
    4. SAMSUNG 55″QLED FLAT SMART TV (because i still watch tv on a 54cm box set)
    5. FITBIT SURGE-BLACK-SURGE(Because I’ve started a healthier lifstyle since being diagnosed with diabetes 2 yrs ago.)

    1. That is a very good Wishlist. The kitchenaid colour choice was my most difficult one – there are just so many! Keep a look out for the competition in a few weeks. X

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