My Skincare Regime

Good skin is part genetic and part skincare. My grandmother has enviable skin and while I am thankful for her genes, I know that stress and lifestyle are responsible for an ageing face. Yes, I run and eat my greens but there is an ample amount of tequila in my diet – something that my grandmother never had.

After my Instagram post using my new Canon M6 and its selfie mode, a few people asked about my skincare regime. I like to keep my life simple – cleanse, eye cream, serum and moisturiser. And sunblock, every, single day – even if its cloudy.

I started using IS Clinical 2 years ago and I have not looked back. It’s a plant-based cosmeceutical made in the USA. A cosmeceutical is a cosmetic product that has a medicinal effect. It’s a topically applied formula that contains active ingredients that treat a certain skin condition. I love that the Fire and Ice treatment leaves me smelling like cinnamon bark and blood orange oil with an anti-ageing copper mist to finish. Yes, all good things come back to food…




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