Lilly’s Restaurant, Cape Town

When you waltz out of CameralandCT with an Olympus E-M1 (Obi-wan Kenobi’s cousin) you take it out to lunch. You take it some place with faultless natural light, enough buzz for a weekday lunch and plating that makes your eyes sparkle. That place is Lily’s Restaurant in Moullie Point, Cape Town.

The menu is varied but light, even if you choose a hunk of beef – Epic Fish & Chips, Monsieur Sirloin with cafe de Paris butter and fries, Broccoli Every Which Way (tempura, charred & pickled with toasted pine nuts and things) and Lily’s Salmon Fish Cakes. I chose two of the appetisers – the beets with goats milk cheese, toasted pine nuts and balsamic; and the The Gun Show “Mussels” in garlic, thyme and white wine.

Anthony Bourdain calls it “food f***t” – when a food-person accepts the multi-course meal and leaves feeling like a stuffed sow. I’m not a fan of that feeling when my belly is pressed up against my clothing and mouth-breathing is the only option. Thankfully, I didn’t feel like that after my lunch-4-one. Which, I might add, is a huge step in the right direction for someone who had only eaten alone a handful of times before 2017.

This lunch made me remember how much I love taking photographs. How in awe of food photography I am and how much I miss feeling inspired. This lunch made me feel like a real creative. It made me remember how easy it is to get stuck in the details of life and forget to stoke the fire of my being.

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