My 1st Business Cards

I have never had business cards before. There was a moment when I was a contributor to Aficionado (raise your hand if you remember that blog). Until now…

I went to advertising college, Red and Yellow, and even though I studied copywriting, there was a huge part of me that wished that I could draw. Art Direction, with their regular trips to stores to get ‘art supplies’ or the ability to draw on white Converse High Tops made it feel “more creative”. If that’s even a thing. Bottom line is that there is a part of me that wanted to design my own business cards. I wanted to feel as though I was part of the process.

After some research, I decided to use to “design” (it was more about laying the logo and my details out – no Rocket Science or magic beans) and order by cards from the UK. The interface on the website is really easy to navigate. And even though there was an issue with the delivery, the Moo Crew are real G’s and sorted the issue out on Twitter DM’s. That deserves praise, IMHO.

So, here’s to making deals and looking pro-fesh AF. I am ready to adult. (after this blog post, obvs)

Today also marks the fresh look to my website. I wanted something a bit more blog-friendly and simple. Let me know what you think.

2 Replies to “My 1st Business Cards”

  1. Love the logo, shape and layout of the cards.

    How does the other side (with details look) or are the details private? Also how do you go about carrying your cards around, we also have “oddly” shaped business cards but it’s a bit of a pain to keep in my wallet without damaging them >.<

    Website layout: I like the simplicity but sure you can style it up a bit while keeping the elegance. Here's some inspiration: (apologies for long link)

    If you need a hand/advise with your website don't hesitate to pop me an email 🙂

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