Sunflower Running Bread

If ever given the choice, I will always choose bread over cake. Warm, crisp-crusted and chewy with a slick of butter.

This morning worked out almost too perfectly. I weighed the ingredients out last night and tossed them all into my stand-up mixer with the dough hook attachment when I woke up. 15 minutes of kneading and then I left for my morning run. I cling-filmed the bowl and allowed the dough to raise. An hour later I got back and put the mixture into a greased cake tin and baked it while I readied myself for my day. As I flicked the last lash of mascara, my timer rang to end the 35minute baking time and tada – fresh bread.

I relished the fresh bake with butter and mature white cheddar (followed by yogurt and fruit because we aren’t animals). Because the bread was preceded by an almost-10KM run, I had zero reason to feel guilty. Two things about this subject – people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy bodyweight throughout their lives. And 2) eat your carbs earlier on in the day. I’m not sure if a bowl of biriyani or pasta for breakfast quite makes the grade but the earlier the better.

“Eat breakfast like a king, and eat dinner like a pauper”

Use the bread:water ratio of 5:3. Weigh the ingredients

250g flour (I used half white and half brown bread flour)

150-200ml tepid water

7g dry yeast

1,5 T salt (I used the grey, natural salt I bought in Milan. It makes the loaf feel special)

1 tsp jaggery

½ T butter

Before baking at 220C for 35minutes, glaze with milk, sprinkle with sunflower seeds and some Maldon salt flakes.

Bread ratio so easy that you can make it while you run
Bread ratio so easy that you can make it while you run


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