Stuck in the MUD Makeup

I’m not sure about you, but I was one of those girls who ran around life using the wrong colour foundation. I didn’t know anything about makeup and waltzed into a pharmacy with a 12 year old girlfriend and we bought whatever we thought looked right. And it didn’t. And few people told me. I look back on those images and my ghostly and or overly tanned face with cringes that I’ve become more attuned at hiding.

In my defence, my mum only ever wore lipstick – that’s it. At some stage she bought a chubby cheek pencil and used it as lipstick because she didn’t know any better. My mum also only ever owned one pair of high heels that she never wore. She’s still a hippie, with pieces of leather, jangly things and beaded what-what’s so makeup was entirely new territory to me when my skin standard to get splotchy. Preamble done.

On the day of the L’Ormorins Queens Plate this year I walked passed the MUD Designer at the Cape Quarter. I’d never seen the store before but it had everything (including a directors chair and stage makeup lighting *squeal*). I had my makeup done for the day there and was really happy with the products and the wearability for a day at the races. Further than that, they understood my makeup ethos – less is more. That’s rare because most suppliers want to showcase their product even when it looks ridiculous. I have been the show monkey (no, not pony) a few times.

MUD Kamini Pather

MUD is made in the USA and the product is extremely comfortable to wear and apply even for makeup simpletons like me. Β And as Adam&Eve’s designer, Faatimah and I discovered, they have a vast array of colour matches for us mid-tone Indian women – this almost never happens.

I left the store with just 4 products that I use daily for a natural glow – 100% my vibe. A lipstick in Havana, a pot of their incredible highlighter (a MUST for that I-woke-up-like-this look), a cream foundation compact and this exquisite blush in pumpkin. I now leave the house with a mere 5 products on my face (including mascara), which fits in with my chosen aesthetic – effortless – but also my post-tom-boy get-up-n-go.

MUD makeup


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