Chinese New Year

I’ve been wanting to re-vive my blog for a while and with Chinese New Year, today feels right – I’m ready to usher in the abundance, luck and prosperity held within a mandarin.

Would a tangerine/mandarin/satsuma/naartjie smell as sweet? These palm-sized orbs, all with soft peeling skin and sweet, tart flesh seem like very similar creatures…because they are. All circus fruits are derived from three chief specimens – the mandarin, pomelo and citron.  These ClemenGold’s are called nardorcotts. Yes, I did say nardorcott. It’s a specific sub-specimen of a mandarin with an unfortunate name but their seedless nature and spritely colour make up for the name.

Because it isn’t mandarin season, I received a bottle of preserve with some almond and mandarin biscotti. I included a sprinkling of Gruberg cheese for good measure. It’s the South African answer to Gruyere and has a similar sweet, nutty flavour. Cheese is not very Asian, but the savoury cheese works particularly well with the light, zesty preserved mandarins.

2017 is the year of the rooster combined with the element fire. It’s said to be a rare combination and one with great expectations. According to “The Rooster is often the leader and commands the respect of all the hens, making 2017 a perfect year to step up and take responsibility for the direction of your life.”

chinese new year mandarin



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